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Foods for the soul

  Cooking has always been my passion. I always seek to cook something new in some different ways and here comes a collection of foods made by me and more food items are yet to come 😊 😊 #Foods are for the nourishment of soul and body. Do what you love and love what you do 😊 When cooking becomes your passion 😋 ❤ #FoodsForSoul #YummyFoods #NepaliStyleFoods #BabinasKitchen #NepaliFood #MadeByMe #CollectionFromLastFewMont hs #MoreItemsAreYetToCome 😊 😊 Roasted potato with carrots, eggs( with black salt,pepper and chat masala sprinkled)  Veg Pakoda  Spicy Chatpat  Chicken C mo:mo Spaghetti in different styles Roasted veggies(potato,carrot,broc coli,paneer,mushroom & capsicum) Bhatmas sandeko with roasted chicken and salads  Chhole Bhature a very famous indian dish Baby corn with grilled carrots and capsicum Chicken Taas Mushroom Chilly Chicken roast with spicy chatpat  Chicken and potato sandeko  Chilly Mo:mo  Veg Thukpa  

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