I Thank you Google ad sense for trusting my work of art

Pic Courtesy : Rusty Hunt
I am just speechless at this moment. I posted my first post on 29th of September 2018 and that was the same date I created this blog. Today my blog officially is accepted as worthy of displaying ads provided by Google Ad Sense. Now onward you will see adds hoovering around my post which is of great honor. I am thankful to the team of Google for trusting my blog for monetizing it and accepting my request for publishing the ads.

         I created this blog on 29th of September 2018. I must thank Mr. Suvas Agam for his creative support on encouraging me to create this blog and helping in designing and making it .com.np blog. I am thankful to my Dad & Mom for their love and support on my creative work. And I will always be thankful to all of my beloved visitors from all around the globe. I am thankful to you for your regular visit and inspiring comments.

          I at this moment want to commit that I will work more hard on creating more amazing posts which will not only explore my creative aspect but also will help us to make this existence much better than yesterday. Please do suggest me in which aspect I can grow more and be much better person then yesterday. I myself is exploring my self through my art. I believe my blog will also inspire many to find their way to heart.

With Love Babi.


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