A Call To Promote Touristic Destination in Nepal

A Call To Promote Touristic Destinations in Nepal

Nepal, a land of wonder, a land of holy spirit, a land full of natural beauty and bliss can be the center of attraction for tourism. Tourism can pave the way for the economic development in Nepal. Yes, many tourists come to visit in present days too but there is high possibility to increase the number by promoting touristic destination. Tourism not only helps to build the economy stronger but it also helps to share our cultural values all around the world. We always say that our country is poor than the others but never try to see the scopes which can build the economic strength. People in this modern era are fed up with luxurious lives and materiality and they now want to be in peace and nature and Nepal carries the higher possibility due to its natural beauty. 

        Possessing eight of the ten highest mountains in the world, Nepal is a hotspot destination for mountaineers, rock climbers and people seeking adventure. The Hindu and Buddhist heritage of Nepal are also strong attractions. According to Nepal's Ministry of Tourism, major tourist activities include wilderness and adventure activities such as mountain biking, bungee jumping, rock climbing and mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, bird watching, flights, paragliding and hot air ballooning over the mountains of Himalaya, exploring the waterways by raft, kayak or canoe and jungle safaris especially in the Teri region. adventure seekers. Apart from being an attractive destination for adventure, Nepal’s pleasant climate and ever welcoming nature of Nepalese show there is a tremendous prospect of tourism ahead in Nepal.
            If we look around us, just before some years Singapore had its identity as a colonized zone. But when the leadership changed entire history of Singapore has changed. Today it is the most exotic touristic zone not because of its natural beauty but it offers many artificial venture. Switzerland too have similar story. Therefore, what we Nepalese must understand is that We are so fortunate that mother nature has blessed us with the glory of nature, and Nepalese people are famous for our brotherhood, peaceful behavior, and ever smiling face; so all what we need at the moment is right and better leadership. Leadership that would control the government in stable way and start the balance development of tourism in country. We don’t need to do much just recognizing the right and better touristic zone, and managing it with the world standard but in unique Nepali way would be better. We can look into various fields which directly will help to broaden the touristic destination like it’s festivals and culture, it’s beautiful villages, adventurous spots, agricultural farms, high mountains and so on.
Festival in Nepal
    Nepal shows unity in diversity. one of the interesting ways of understanding the beauty and richness of Nepali culture is through its festivals. Participating in the local festivities gives visitors an insight into the life of the Nepali people and makes their stay in Nepal more colorful. Hence, in preserving the large number of cultures and festivals Nepal can promote the future prospect of tourism in the Himalayas. Another lucrative area of promoting Nepalese tourism lies in exploring pilgrimage destinations scattered throughout the nation. Nepal has numerous ancient pilgrimage sites. Like: Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Stupa and hundreds of famous temples are located in other parts of the country as well. Some well-known pilgrimage sites are: Barah Chhetra, Janakpur, Tengboche, Manakamana, Lumbini, Muktinath, Gosainkunda, and Khaptad Ashram in Khaptad. Similarly, another scope is village. 
Village of Nepal

           Nepal is a country of villages. Traveling in the villages of Nepal, a traveler can see the way of life which has not changed even at the advent of modern science and technology. Promoting the concept like Homestay in Nepal can transform the economic prosperity of the country. It is in the sense that visitors within this concept spend a few days living with the local people where they will be treated as honored family guests. In doing so, the travelers may spend a considerable amount of money in the local area. Besides this, travelers are pretty much interested to look the simplicity, to taste the local food, and to witness local cultural practices. Hence, as a country of numerous villages, there lies the huge potentiality of tourism if village tourism is emphasized properly in Nepal. Trekking and mountaineering too are the heart of tourism in Nepal. There are a number of mountain regions in Nepal that still needs to be explored. Most of the travelers in Nepal are very much familiar about the popular trekking and peak climbing routes. Unlike those popular routes, there is huge potential to go for exploring virgin territory of the Himalayas in Nepal. If mountain tourism is comprehensively promoted there is massive potentiality to develop tourism in Nepal. Beyond mountaineering and adventure trekking, Nepal is also popularly associated with various sorts of adventure world. The traveler can taste the adventure of Paragliding in the beautiful city of Pokhara. There are high potentialities of going to Sky Dive, Boating, Fishing, Angling, and Canyoning. To the top of all these adventures, Bungee Jumping at the gorge of the Bhoti Kosi River gives the ultimate thrill. Motivating the world travelers towards Sport Tourism. Nepal is known as an agricultural country where more than eighty percent of its people survive from farming. The traditional agriculture system of Nepal too carries the heavy prospect of creating a new dimension in the field of tourism in Nepal. Agro-tourism brings international visitors to the countryside and as a result, they meet lovely and hardworking people of the rural area, share a meal with them, stay in their houses as family guests, and taste their local dishes. Apart from this, they can enjoy the taste of local products as well. Hence, if Agro tourism is emphasized in this country, it will bring a huge change in the field of tourism in Nepal.

The hospitality sector is an important bedrock of promoting Nepal in the international arena. Despite Nepal’s hotel industry is providing world class hospitality to visitors it is not the end of the story. Nepal’s remote villagers are well recognized because of their innocent, friendly, hospitable and ever welcoming behaviors. Understanding the etiquette of the traditional hospitality of rural parts of Nepal and receiving them magnificently lure the attention of visitors in Nepal. So, exploring those hospitable and friendly behaviors of Nepalese in the remote parts of Nepal can drag the huge crowds of visitors in those regions of Nepal and thereby change the direction of Nepal tourism.

Thus, Nepal carries the huge possibilities in promoting the more touristic zones or destination. Instead of saying ‘our country is poor we should use those sources, which we are rich in. if we focus on those above mentioned points like: festivals, villages, hospitality, agriculture, adventure and so on. Our country can rise higher in economical scale. The leadership of the nation too plays the vital role to make the country renown in the world. If we check the statistic of the arrivals of tourists it’s being fluctuating throughout the years but can rise it high by considering on those important fields. The legal authority and Nepal Tourism Board should think twice upon these issues.


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