Daughter its late to get married now

Sweetie your age is almost gone
You need to get married now, its quit late
whenever season of marriage comes, my heart beats faster
when someone talks of marriage, my heart  beats faster
when friends in my town get married
then my parents get worried and say
sweetie you are getting older
it’s getting late.

as if human existence is only to get married
as if one will get world after getting married
they say few years of marriage life is fun
but later it becomes like cage, though it’s made up of gold
when i hear of these stories, i get worried
in spite of that mom dad repeat same thing
sweetie you are getting older
its getting late.

when daughter gets twenty whole family and relatives rush
and say, every year marriage proposals will come less
after twenty five you will get no proposals at all
you will not get chance to choose among many
people seek for youth for marriage
i think of all these and murmur
is there any value of good heart, innocence, and humanity?

and a voice comes
daughter your age is almost gone
your little sister too is getting older
and its getting late !!

mom dad provided school and university education whole life with patience and hard work
when study is in the verse of completion
all relatives get interested and ask
oh your study is completing now
you are getting older

they bring offers of boys from USA, Australia
or of some government servant
I also have dream to serve my parents, after study
as a daughter i want to help them
want to pay them back from my side for their lifetime support
but once i am able to do something all are ready to get me married
they want to send me to some unknown home with unknown man
no one wants to hear my voice
all say same old utterance
sweetie you are getting older
you wanted to study and you did it
now its getting late

sometimes i become jealous of all those boys
who get opportunity to stay with their parents for whole life
always get opportunity to be around parents
they get opportunity to pay off the debts of parents
i get scared and again and again with these thoughts

i have to choose my life partner by seeing pic of Facebook profile
by seeing job and prosperity i need to choose my husband

alas it would be nice to choose someone by seeing his heart
I have seen many who choose their life partner by seeing FB profile and are crying lifelong
and i have seen those relatives response on that
its late baby, now you are already married, now this is you fate
now live your life cry and make yourself feel calm
now you are done
its quit late

may be i wouldn't be this much negative about marriage
if i have seen all married couple happy ever after
if there is any prince charming for me in my life
i also have little beautiful and cute
desires and dreams
dream of flying like a free bird
only one part of life, study is completed
world of dream is yet to be explored
many steps of passion are yet to be touched
therefore i feel like nothing has gone
so many horizons are yet to be climbed
may be so called marrying age is going
the spirit of living life of passion has not gone yet.

Poem by Babina Sapkota
Translated by Suvas Agam


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