Kakani : where clouds play with hills.

I did small research on internet about Kakani and grabbed my DSLR along with some cookies and water bottle hit the road towards Balaju. As I had read that it’s one of the best recreational destination filled with adventures.

Once I reached Balaju by-pass and found a bus going via Kakani so took a seat. As I am a lone traveler I love to explore my surrounding by myself, I was super duper excited to know this new hill station. But that bus was making fun of me as for some reason bus waited almost two hours never the less but moved from its long sleep. As it took almost one and half hour just to complete only twenty-five kilometers from north-west of Kathmandu that is Balaju.

Kakani is situated in the Nuwakot district  Bagmati Zone in central Nepal.
I found that its better to get here by your private vehicles if you have. In recent years, this place has also developed various adventures sport such as nature trails, bike riding, rock climbing, trekking, hiking and fishing etc. I found that this place is more popular from bike riding point of view. Beside that, we can.see different restaurants and lodges which provide fresh fishes like Trout along the way so that we can enjoy eating fish and this can be considered as popular site for fish. But I must say ask the rate of any food items before you order specially Trout Fish in any restaurants. Along the way, we can also see a famous Osho Tapoban International Commune. Which is also my dream destination probably I will visit it soon and will write another blog on it. 

after I got off from the bus there was another problem to get to the right hill station view point so I took refugee to a school bus thanks to that driver and his helper who dropped to the view point for free. It has uninterrupted dramatic view of the different Himalayan ranges and I was so amazed by the magnificient views of mountain ranges which includes Ganesh Himal, Annapurna, Manasalu, Dhaulagiri ranges etc. I am sorry that I couldn’t grab picture of mountain as I was lost enjoying the view and suddenly clouds came and reminded me that you have forgotten to fix lenses of your DSLR.

Apart from the mountains, the place is also covered by lush green forest hill on one edge while the high rising gorges on the other side form heart touching scenery of almost unreal landscape, terrace cultivations along the Highway of Trisuli Road. I must say that lush green hills reminded me of mesmerizing views shown in Hollywood movies like Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter or Lord of Rings. 

There is also a British Gurkhas welfare bungalow and a park made in the memory of the victims of Thai Airways International Flight. We can also find strawberry farming done by local farmers which is being supported by United Nations Development Programme. I have read somewhere that with the assistance of a United Nations Development Programme project, a local farmer’s cooperative now produces close to 250 000 kg of the fruit per year, quit amazing isn’t it? 

The Place is utterly enriched with natural beauty, snowy mountains and greeneries of trees and is just unexplainable through words. I can definitely say that this is the ultimate destination for relaxation, adventure, recreation and picnic activities.Let me give you more serious information about Kakani. It is a Gaunpalika and former village development committee in Nuwakot District in Province no three of central Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census, the Kakani village development committee administered a population of 7816 living in 1343 individual households. 

Any way I had no plan to stay there so I took that same school bus as if God had managed that same bus for me to go up to hill station and come back to main station. So I took a taxi back which was coming empty dropping some guest. So way back to Kirtipur was much relaxing then it was on the morning. I hope you enjoyed my little journey. Hope to catch you up in next blog. 

Till then happy blogging and traveling.


  1. You don't need the biggest, heaviest, most expensive lens to be a wildlife,landscape, portrait photographer.@canonEF16-35mm f/2.8,50mm 1.8,85mm best lens is the you have with you...

    1. Thank you so much for ur beautiful response
      Yeah I agree, we don't need the biggest lens what we need is a small heart to see things beautifully and capture it.😊😊

  2. Everything that had you included are mindblowing!!I appreciate you and I respect you for your photography and literary!!

    1. I'm so thankful for ur sweet appreciation.
      It means a lot to me😊😊


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