Babina Sapkota: Foods For Soul
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Monday, 1 October 2018

Foods For Soul

Hey Foodies ! Welcome to my blog. Here I share some of the dishes that I have made with love. "Foods For Soul; We are what we eat." 
Potato Chilly

Aalu Chop

Veg Chinese Wok

Italian Authentic Pasta

Chicken Chhoila

Gulab Jamun

Water Melon with some spices
Baby Corn with Veggies 
Mango with Chat Masala & Black Salt

Papaya with Chat Masala & Black Salt

Asar 15 special 

Chicken Chhoila & Bhattamas Sandheko

Bread with Jam

Boiled Beet Root.


Spicy Pasta


Home Made Pizza

Teej Special Thali

Gulab Jamun


Teej Special Thali

Veg Mushroom Soup

Babis Sweet Dessert

Home Made Burger

Egg Thukpa with Chicken Sausage

Mashed Potato with Grilled Capsicum

Potato Chips

Aalu Paratha

Baby Corn Sandheko

Aalu & Tomato Chop




Boiled Veg Mix

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